Friday, August 3, 2018

Hi Nicole Andy Hopkins

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back 2 School

After a long holiday, we were finally back to school. i have the same friends, but i was especially glad to see my good friends Matt Enos and Hannah Rogers. On the first day back, however, our teacher gave us 35 problems in math. Welcome back! Not a good impression. i went to bed on the last night of vacation at around nine, there abouts. i was worried that i would stay in bed to long(sleeping until 8 is sleeping in for me; i usually get up at around 5:45 on school days), but the next morning i got up bright and early at 5:30. The first thought i had that morning was, 'back into routine'. i am glad to be back into school, with something to keep me busy during the day. Dad was starting to get into a routine with bike riding. In four days, we went 100 miles, all combined. i was glad when i got home after all of these escapades and i could relax. New favorite song for the new year: Someone Like You by Adele. Speaking of, I heard... LOL!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


On the first day of the year, we also celebrate a blessed occasion in the Hopkins home: Mom and Dad's anniversary. They said that they were married on this day because it is easy to remember. Today we went on a walk by the river, and tonight, i am going to cook Mom and Dad a special meal. The meal consists of appetizers, a salad, chicken pot pie, pumpkin pie, and cofee. How romantic! Candlelit dinner, here they come!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! It has been a very fun year. i cannot even believe it is already the last day of the year. It feels like just yesterday, I was going into fourth grade, and now i am already in sixth, just about through half of the year. Just one short year ago, give of take a few months, i was going into fifth. And the year before that, fourth. And so on. Now i am twelve, and the days are just flying by. Is this what it's like to be 'old'? :) In two days, on the third, i will go back to school from Christmas break. I cannot even believe it is 2012 already. Our plans for tonight are to stay up late, eat a bunch of snacks, play games, and do three puzzles. i have a lot to look forward to in 2012. For one, dad's resolution is to do even more bike rides. Sigh. And the world's supposed to end next December. On the bright side, i have a trip to Six flags and graduating from sixth grade to look forward to happily. And my sister, Andie, is graduating from high school and we are going to go see her graduation. And as for my resolution, i have decided to try and eat more healthy. As soon as all of the crap from the holidays (candy, cookies, cupcakes...) is out of our house, at least. My ugly doll collection has grown to eleven uglies: Ugly dog, Wage, OX, Moxy, Ninja Batty Shogun,Mij, Trunko, Tray, Ice Bat, Black Ice Bat, and Wedgehead. i also have a Sock Monkey who i named Sue, and an old sock of mom's that looked like a glove, but had toes instead of fingers, which dad stuffed and sewed, cutting off the big toe of the other sock for a nose. I named Her Sockiness Mrs. Fitzpatrick for the time being. (a.k.a. i can't think of a good name. Any ideas?) As for Christmas, we had a great time. The day of, i actually woke up before Alex, which is amazing! On Christmas Eve, though, we went to the Midnight mass, at ten. Alex altar served, and mom and I sang in the choir. We stayed up pretty late. I would love to hear all your new year's resolutions, and see if you can keep them! i am going to start my new year's resolution by asking mom if i can have a candy cane. LOL! Happy New Year's!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two Ice Bats Spotted In the Big City

On Monday, January tenth, two small Ice Bats were found by the maids in my mom's and the maid put them on the chair until mom got to the hotel. when my mom got to the hotel, they hopped into her bag, and the next day she took them to her class. They ate breakfast there and played tag under the table until it was time to go. They went in mom's bag again and rode to a restaurant, where everyone had dinner. The uglies ordered mac and cheese, and gobbled it up. when they got back to the hotel, they went strait to the freezer and went to sleep. The next day, they decided to go exploring all by themselves. They walked by several churches and peeked in, and then went and ate breakfast at a crepe place. After that, they went over to the seashore, and saw a beautiful fort, but they couldn't go in. After a long day, they flew all the way back to the hotel, and went right to bed. They spent the rest of the week hanging around the hotel. They had a lot of fun, but they told me they were very happy to be home.